lördag 29 mars 2014

ATT : I beg once again PLEASE.....

Good morning :)  Dear ´ caring humans <3
It´s amazing how many it is who following Miss D in the world.
I have some new stats to show you all , Miss D has more readers than i have when i was as more active , i real start to belive we have reach the humans heart <3
NOW it is the trust , i must work harder to win the trust . But feel i need some little help from you here .
I think it would help  if you just type some words on the blog to help me win the trust , if you have trust in me with other word.
Just type a few words if you do feel that you trust in me .
So i hope you have trust in me so we can reach the goal ,
only 150 euro left now,so what do you say?
 shall we go for it ?
If we all give 1 single kr , 1 us d , 1 euro ...
or what  currency you have .
Yeah I KNOW ..... I AM repetitive , but waht else can i do?
Tell me and i listen to you :D .
I hate to beg , BUT in the situation Miss D is in .....
I BEG for your help ... why ?
I am a friend , next time it can be you or some relative
to you .... and if we all do the same thing for
 you/your relative ...
So what do you say ... ????

With love & respect Ken

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