onsdag 19 mars 2014

Thanks my beloved Child Abuse Fighter out there in the world ,from my heart to all your hearts we have come a little bit on the way .... how can i ever thnk you  who have helpt me a bit on the way to rescue my friend and her family.
Right now it is 1500 kr swedish .... that is 170 euro.
My goal is 300 euro , that would help this family to food , medecine and a real home again .
I am so greatful my dear Child Abuse Fighters , i  got tears in my eye´s when i check the account now this evening ...  it is fantastic ... it seems all help i have giving and give is coming back to me so i can help this family to a life again.
I love you my friends out there in the world..... thanks again from my heart.
As you on the picture , i dont lie .
When it is time to transfer the money to the family i gonna go in to the bank, ask security guard if he can record it and than publish the recording soo you see with your own eye´s that the money goes to the family.
YOU ARE AMAZING ...............
With great  love  and respect Kenneth Alfsson sweden .

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