måndag 31 mars 2014


Motorhearts & caring friends ....
Good news ... realy GOOD news .
There is moment my heart n´soul have realy big smile , today is one of these moments .
— med Daisy Voutsina. Miss D <3
Imagine this ...
You havent been able to shop any food ...
Tell your kids Mommy/daddy cant because we dont have money...
The child ask why...
HOW do you answer a child who is cryning of hunger ?
To have the frustration as a parent to see your child crying off hunger....
The worst part , YOU CANT DO A THING ABOUT IT !
Well , yesterday , Miss D got the money in her hands , she and her son was to the shop and actually bought food.
Her son was so happy , when she wrote these words , i read this line several times and i got tears of joy in my eye´s .
That my dear motorhearts and caring friends is such wounderful reading .
I truly got goosebumps .... every hair on my body rise ... i frezze and get warm in the same time and it was a strong STRONG bubbling feeling inside me.
There is no word for what i feldt .... i can not tell or describe the feeling i had and still HAVE today, i have read her line today to .
I have hard to belive what i am reading BUT it is the real , not a dream ... not a fantasy ... it is real , likethe truth in * as I sit here and write this and can feel your chest moving in my breath * !
This hasent been possible without you my dear motorhearts and dear caring friends .
With love & respect Ken <3

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