tisdag 25 mars 2014

To be trusted : Help Miss D

ATT : Dear motorhearts and  caring humans.
I have been spoken to a very dear friend to me for an hour on the phone, he is a very busy man but hewas so kind to me and he takr time to speak to me.
When it comes to raise money and to be trustworthy as possible you can is the mian thing in to make humans to belive in you , the most humans do not have trust in these kind of  arrangements is NOT the easiest thing .
I don know how or what i should do to make you belive in me in my work to raise money to help Miss D .
All i can do is give my word and take screen shoot on the account i have control over , i will also take photo off the receipt from the bank and publish it in a post here and on my blog.
There is so much corruption in our world who makes humans suspicious and so unsure that an event like this is genuine.
Then we have all scammers , i get sick and tierd of these scumbags who  utilizing fellow humanitarian side and play theire emotions.
I guarantee that I do NOT belong to those people who are scammers and I'm NOT corrupt somehow but I'm an honest friend and  fellow human.
I just fight for a friend and her sick son ...
Everybody knows what hard it is to see theire own child being sick and not be able to do anything.
My friend i spoke to in the phone is a VD in a radiostation here in sweden , ha has been working with raising money to help children in big parts in our world , he has even been traveled to deliver the help he has raised , money ... cloth ... school material etc etc .
There is to many prganisations who CLAIMS they are honest , but in the end it shows almost the opposite .
His advise to me was * find some way to make human belive in you , and if you have opportunities to travel to Greece and see for your self that the money comes to right place.
NOW i dont have the possibilities to travel to Greece , i dont have that money :( , if i had i had take a flight right away to Miss D and put the money in her hands by my self ... from my hands into her hands.
I am a disability pensioner , i dont have much money in the month , but i cant just see and hear without to to give her the help i can give .
So i hope you can find somewhere in your heart to belive in my work to Help Miss D .

Regards Ken <3

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