lördag 13 februari 2016

Dear Readers !

I look at the statics .................
WOOOW .............................
You are amazing , you do know how to show your support , and even be a GREAT CHILD SAVER .
LOOK AT YOU IN THE OVERSIGHT , you can be more and proud of you .
You all bring so much happiness to heart and soul .
This is amazing ...... unbeliveble , so much love out there .
I just sit here and smile .........
Keep Up the good work Child Savers, Child Abuse Fighters , and you who stand up and don´t let you
get knocked down of all up hills path ,  i know it is a hard fight , how much we have to fight to be heard .
Sometimes it seems totaly wasted time and energy ... but you dont give up , ALL CREDIT TO YOU !
Love & Respect
Take Care Stay Safe
Regards Kenneth Alfsson

fredag 12 februari 2016

When life realy show you !

It is hard to fight , it is always easier to help others then your self .
To be awake and listen to your own body and health has not been my strong side ,
i know i got luck to have family by blood and by soul .
They realy care and they remind me that i am not 20 years old  today , my living and the fact i dident listen to my body has giving me heart issue... but if i take it easy and dont stress up ... i still can be the word of thoose who need help .
Life is complicated in many ways , i know that i have closed my eyes and choose to not look at my self .
That fact has taking me where i am today , once again has i give a little to much of my self instead to
think of tomorrow or next week / month / year .
I wish so much there where less egoism in our world , the world should be a much better place to live
in and look at .
The health problems grows more and more , i know .... i dont blame you who dont have the strenght
 to see the day thru other eyes or in another angle .
You need support to you know to come over that obstacle on your path , it´s not easy ... i know !
I was scrolling on Facebook , suddenly i see a women form my country , she is very sick .
She beg for help to be helped .... i feldt that was real deal , i dont know her but i just got that feeling
 that i want to try to help her .
I search for the page of Journalists of TV4 new on Facebook in sweden , i typed a couple words and also typed that i dont put my name on something i dont belive in .
I have no idea if she gonna get some help or not but i can feel in my soul and be kind of satisfied in a my heart and soul ,...
WHY `?
Only becuse i did something , i took the step and give her a helping hand , i dont belive she know i have done this , but that is okay .
I can look back on mail i got from several people who has been help by my writing , just to read my words has help them , in the most cases they have beg me to delete theire mail , i have done that when i had read them .
I am very careful , i dont wanna keep mail from diffrent human souls who has been contact with me by mail , you see .... i dont trust internet be cause i know how easy it is to get information .
Now. ...... i beg you to pray with me for all who has lost a dear one in the cruel thing called CANCER .
All of you have your own way to pray , so do it your way and i do it my way . ..........
Let us also help thoose who fights against CANCER , yes i know how the world is to day and so many humans who need help .
Me ....  i am alone .... i have you out there ... i cant do anything to help all these hundred thousands humans in great need .
Most of all i wish all the children can have a healthy life and a life they can call a life , not to live in nightmare
 called Child Abuse .
Lets work and hope we can change what we can change and do what we can do .... with other words ....
dont close your eyes , dont look away , dont pretend you dont know , let look to see and do something from we see .
Love & Respect   Take Care Stay Safe 
Regards Kenneth Alfsson  

fredag 25 december 2015

Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 UPDATE

Want to thank all human souls who support Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 in the fight for the children , this is so importent .... you never know if your children gonna need medical help to survive .
Maybe it´s not your child/children , maybe it is your sisters or your brothers child/children .
The world is not fair to our little angels , many many live in a hell ... in fight for the children so they will survive , many are fighting for theire survive in this moment .
God Bless all who fights for them so they can get a better life .
Love & Respect .... Take Care.... Stay Safe
 I belive the most of us have Facebook , please check this
Foto Album .
Hope you all have an awsome Christmas eve 
Thanks for reading and supporting the fight for the children so they can have 
a better life and health .
Kenneth Alfsson 

måndag 21 december 2015

 The Man with the great SPIRIT....
The Man with the big HEART........
The Man .... The Man ....
Me had a hard year , my health hasent been the best .
Thats why i havent been written or post , i just gona tell you this , i have come to a time
in my life when i realy need to look after my self.
I need to get my wounded back fixed by the doctors , as it is now the pain level is to high
so i need to stiff operate the damaged vertebrae to avoid pain and to start living
But that dont stop me to write and beg you to help Chris in his fight for the children .
Please help him , i do belive there is something we all can do to help and support him in his work .

Love & Respect K Alfsson 
From the deep my heart

To visit The Man on Facebook :
Chris Ouzounis

Christmas .... a time of joy and smile.... or is it?

I can not understand why some  adults abuse children , dont they know that they are killing the children , slowly and with facts that many of these children dont reach theire 20´th birthday .
I am 53 .... i survive .... but life is a hell sometimes .
Christmas is one holiday , i am haunted by a ghost inside my soul , i dont belive i ever gonna heal .
I tell you this ... i was in early teens , i wished money for christmas ...  my father gave me money .... but it was not real money , it was Finance game money , he saw i become sad over the gift and it ended up in pain i my  room .
Some things never heal inside my soul !

If you know a child who live in abuse .....
PLEASE help the child , if the child still live by 20 years old , many adult´s dont manage to live so they commits suicide .
Dont Close your eye´s or pretend like you dont know .

Lets make the Christmas as it should for all children .

Love & Respect

torsdag 2 juli 2015

Support and help sick children Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27‎

 Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27
Good evening readers i havent been so well for a long time , but i am much better and getting better slowly but sure .
It is time to tell you that our friend in this moment strating an event and the  place is :
Wal-Mart Location McDonald's 8300 Hwy 27 Location Vaugton Onatrio this event is july 08 of six days with other worfds :) . 
 https://www.facebook.com/events/608858059258243/   This link show you on Facebook about the eve 08 july ,
 It is Chris Ouzounis Toronto who arrange this, God bless him and his work .
Thank You To Larry The Owner Of 7 McDonald Locations Naming The Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 Cruisers Night Special After Us!! Every Wednesday Cruise Night Only Special For Only $4.98

This awsome , if you are near  go in McDonalds and contribute to the cause :) .
Have an awsome time everyone .
Regards Kenneth Alfsson 

JUL 15
8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9

JUL 22
8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9

JUL 29

8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9 

Now dear readers you have some dates for the coming events 
Enjoy you who gonna be there , and thanks for supporting the cause .

onsdag 14 januari 2015

Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 *Help And Support Sick Children * UPDATE !

Good day Canada , US and the world .

I had a conversation with

 * Chris Ouzounis * Help And Support Sick Children 

Now i can post pictures of complete Sponsorship pictures , AINT THAT WOUNDERFUL ..................................

Listen :) ,  67 Sponsorships at the moment , i am so proud to show you good result in his work :) .

Now you see that this mans work realy are in progress , i have checked and double checked , i dont think i have miss a sponsorship picture .

Love & Respect  to all sponsorships .... thanks so much that you exist and care for the children .

Kenneth Alfsson


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