fredag 12 februari 2016

When life realy show you !

It is hard to fight , it is always easier to help others then your self .
To be awake and listen to your own body and health has not been my strong side ,
i know i got luck to have family by blood and by soul .
They realy care and they remind me that i am not 20 years old  today , my living and the fact i dident listen to my body has giving me heart issue... but if i take it easy and dont stress up ... i still can be the word of thoose who need help .
Life is complicated in many ways , i know that i have closed my eyes and choose to not look at my self .
That fact has taking me where i am today , once again has i give a little to much of my self instead to
think of tomorrow or next week / month / year .
I wish so much there where less egoism in our world , the world should be a much better place to live
in and look at .
The health problems grows more and more , i know .... i dont blame you who dont have the strenght
 to see the day thru other eyes or in another angle .
You need support to you know to come over that obstacle on your path , it´s not easy ... i know !
I was scrolling on Facebook , suddenly i see a women form my country , she is very sick .
She beg for help to be helped .... i feldt that was real deal , i dont know her but i just got that feeling
 that i want to try to help her .
I search for the page of Journalists of TV4 new on Facebook in sweden , i typed a couple words and also typed that i dont put my name on something i dont belive in .
I have no idea if she gonna get some help or not but i can feel in my soul and be kind of satisfied in a my heart and soul ,...
WHY `?
Only becuse i did something , i took the step and give her a helping hand , i dont belive she know i have done this , but that is okay .
I can look back on mail i got from several people who has been help by my writing , just to read my words has help them , in the most cases they have beg me to delete theire mail , i have done that when i had read them .
I am very careful , i dont wanna keep mail from diffrent human souls who has been contact with me by mail , you see .... i dont trust internet be cause i know how easy it is to get information .
Now. ...... i beg you to pray with me for all who has lost a dear one in the cruel thing called CANCER .
All of you have your own way to pray , so do it your way and i do it my way . ..........
Let us also help thoose who fights against CANCER , yes i know how the world is to day and so many humans who need help .
Me ....  i am alone .... i have you out there ... i cant do anything to help all these hundred thousands humans in great need .
Most of all i wish all the children can have a healthy life and a life they can call a life , not to live in nightmare
 called Child Abuse .
Lets work and hope we can change what we can change and do what we can do .... with other words ....
dont close your eyes , dont look away , dont pretend you dont know , let look to see and do something from we see .
Love & Respect   Take Care Stay Safe 
Regards Kenneth Alfsson  

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