fredag 25 december 2015

Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 UPDATE

Want to thank all human souls who support Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 in the fight for the children , this is so importent .... you never know if your children gonna need medical help to survive .
Maybe it´s not your child/children , maybe it is your sisters or your brothers child/children .
The world is not fair to our little angels , many many live in a hell ... in fight for the children so they will survive , many are fighting for theire survive in this moment .
God Bless all who fights for them so they can get a better life .
Love & Respect .... Take Care.... Stay Safe
 I belive the most of us have Facebook , please check this
Foto Album .
Hope you all have an awsome Christmas eve 
Thanks for reading and supporting the fight for the children so they can have 
a better life and health .
Kenneth Alfsson 

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