måndag 21 december 2015

 The Man with the great SPIRIT....
The Man with the big HEART........
The Man .... The Man ....
Me had a hard year , my health hasent been the best .
Thats why i havent been written or post , i just gona tell you this , i have come to a time
in my life when i realy need to look after my self.
I need to get my wounded back fixed by the doctors , as it is now the pain level is to high
so i need to stiff operate the damaged vertebrae to avoid pain and to start living
But that dont stop me to write and beg you to help Chris in his fight for the children .
Please help him , i do belive there is something we all can do to help and support him in his work .

Love & Respect K Alfsson 
From the deep my heart

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Chris Ouzounis

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