måndag 21 december 2015

Christmas .... a time of joy and smile.... or is it?

I can not understand why some  adults abuse children , dont they know that they are killing the children , slowly and with facts that many of these children dont reach theire 20´th birthday .
I am 53 .... i survive .... but life is a hell sometimes .
Christmas is one holiday , i am haunted by a ghost inside my soul , i dont belive i ever gonna heal .
I tell you this ... i was in early teens , i wished money for christmas ...  my father gave me money .... but it was not real money , it was Finance game money , he saw i become sad over the gift and it ended up in pain i my  room .
Some things never heal inside my soul !

If you know a child who live in abuse .....
PLEASE help the child , if the child still live by 20 years old , many adult´s dont manage to live so they commits suicide .
Dont Close your eye´s or pretend like you dont know .

Lets make the Christmas as it should for all children .

Love & Respect

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