torsdag 2 juli 2015

Support and help sick children Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27‎

 Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27
Good evening readers i havent been so well for a long time , but i am much better and getting better slowly but sure .
It is time to tell you that our friend in this moment strating an event and the  place is :
Wal-Mart Location McDonald's 8300 Hwy 27 Location Vaugton Onatrio this event is july 08 of six days with other worfds :) .   This link show you on Facebook about the eve 08 july ,
 It is Chris Ouzounis Toronto who arrange this, God bless him and his work .
Thank You To Larry The Owner Of 7 McDonald Locations Naming The Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 Cruisers Night Special After Us!! Every Wednesday Cruise Night Only Special For Only $4.98

This awsome , if you are near  go in McDonalds and contribute to the cause :) .
Have an awsome time everyone .
Regards Kenneth Alfsson 

JUL 15
8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9

JUL 22
8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9

JUL 29

8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9 

Now dear readers you have some dates for the coming events 
Enjoy you who gonna be there , and thanks for supporting the cause .

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