onsdag 14 januari 2015

Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 *Help And Support Sick Children * UPDATE !

Good day Canada , US and the world .

I had a conversation with

 * Chris Ouzounis * Help And Support Sick Children 

Now i can post pictures of complete Sponsorship pictures , AINT THAT WOUNDERFUL ..................................

Listen :) ,  67 Sponsorships at the moment , i am so proud to show you good result in his work :) .

Now you see that this mans work realy are in progress , i have checked and double checked , i dont think i have miss a sponsorship picture .

Love & Respect  to all sponsorships .... thanks so much that you exist and care for the children .

Kenneth Alfsson


                                                      Universe Auto Parts 

                                             For info   Mail :   tanya_plastina@yahoo.com

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