tisdag 13 januari 2015

Miss D is back !

Good  Morning and thank you world

Yesterday was a good day for a mother and her son , Miss D came online .
She got a fan to her laptop , her fan in her laptop had crash , so i asked for helped to support her with a fan the her laptop .
From the start i called Greece , NOW ..................the fan dident come from Greece , it was shipped abroad .
Who ever send her the fan , i´ll give you all credit from my heart and i can tell you .................
it was a VERY VERY HAPPY lady who came online yesterday , now she gonna have that spark thrue of love from the groups and specially her group
Get Your Kicks On Route 66 - The Mother Road .
Now she gonna have the strength to fight for her and her on son again .

So this is good news ,  thanks SOO MUCH world and YOU THE ANGEL WHO SUPPORT HER WITH THE FAN TO THE LAPTOP .

                                               This is my Friendship picture to all in the world !
                                                   Thank you world for adding me as a friend
                                                                    Love & Respect

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