fredag 9 januari 2015

Help us to support update SPONSORSHIP


Time to update :
Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27

This is GREAT ..... awsome
Home OF The Bugatti Bradford, Ontario
is the Biggest sponsorship Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 have , everyday it´s coming more
sponsorship .
But Home Of Bugatti gives a fantastic support and sponsorship ,i wish there where more like these around us and not only thinking of money to your self , i understand that you have to invest in your company .... no doubt about that .
But thoose BIG company who just think of profit and just want more , wounder if they thinking of the children .
YES we do may some shout , in what way i ask ?
It is ot enoughe to think of theire own children .... the children grow up... if you havent think of all children the rest of the children maybe think "  that company is just shit and nothing to care about " , in this time i tlaking of ... IT IS YOURS CHILDREN WHO ARE VD COMPANY OWNERS ..... Your children cant run a company without klients ... think of that !

I had a chat with   W C H Hwy27 Administrator on FB last night   ,
he is so happy for the support,
but as you know ... it takes power to get success and realy hard work .
I promisse you he is a good guy .... i trust him !
I promise you that he is a real driving force, but he needs support and our support is important in his work.
The children are our future, we do not give children the care and welfare required by their absolute best ... we are not the future either.
Again .... I do not put my name on something I believe in int.
You've trusted me before, trust me again in this battle for our children.

Love & Respect Kenneth Alfsson

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