fredag 26 december 2014

I calling Greece !

Good evening friends over the world.
We all know how hard it is to live in our world , it is not easy to have the head over tha water and to be floating .
I know you all did what you could to help Miss D when her life crashed , now i wounder if there is some one in Greece who can support Miss D with some help agaian .
I am not asking for some money , i asking after someone who can help her with ger laptop , the fan has give up .
Miss D have such big trouble , medecine for her self and her son takes ALOT of her money so there is days..... days she cant eat becsuse her son is in bigger need .
I wish i could help her , i wish i could help all of my brothers and sisters to a better life , i wish all my friends a better life , if i had millions of cash i should split them with my brothers... sisters and friends .
This is my way to help and the only way i can help Miss D , RT 66 and the other groups she is involved in gives her a little joy to her soul and heart , this groups and her baby Get Your Kicks On Route 66 - The Mother Road do give her love and strength to keep fighting for her and her son down in Greece .
My heart is BLEEDING for children , i can NOT just sit and watch when my brother and sister and friends children dont have the need for the day or the need TO LIVE !
Therefore am i asking for help to help Miss D with her laptop so she can find the strength in our love for her posting of beautyful rides , if you dont care about Miss D ..... please care for her son .

She lives in Athen area , that can be a help to help her .
With Love & Respect Ken

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