tisdag 1 april 2014

I have been thinking .

I have been thinking , i have been told that i am a great person and friend .
I am NOT that great , it is you my friends who are GREAT ,NOT me.
I tell you why.................
Without you i am nobody *NOBODY* , i am just a guy from sweden who care of my friends and YOU my dear friends and motorhearts are the same caring friend.
THAT is the amazing thing who makes this work so GREAT .
I am so greatful to have such wounderful friends.... together we make a change and actully HELPING another friend .
I am NOT that great or amzing .... WE are my dear friends and motorhearts.
Thanks to all of you who wanna be my friend

This is my thoughts , from my heart to your hearts .
Thanks my friends and motorhearts
With love & respect Kenneth Alfsson

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